Photos super mi amate urbe de nascentia e del habitation Zalaegerszeg - 11.

Le anterior Casa del Contato, super le qual era cantate in le entrata precedente!

Isto es le un information audite / legite per me. Le altere es, que iste edificio serviva pro facer habitar soldatos in se. Io non sape, qual variante es juste.

Le Archivo Contatal se trova in le edificio vicin, que non se vide hic. Ille edificio es anque vetule, historic.

Nonobstante le pavietto / trottoir / sentiero ja pote apparer familiar pro vos, del pictura monstrante le placia Centrum. Iste photo es photographiate de ille placia, monstrante le altere latere del strata principal (nominate como quasi omne le stratas principal in Hungaria post Lajos Kossuth, cuje rolo in le historia de Hungaria in le XIXne seculo, inclusive le tempore del revolution in 1848 es difficile detaliar hic - brevemente).


Mr-BO said...

I can't understand your blog (because of the language)...although it seems interesting..why didn't u make the english version?

Petro Ferrero de Hungaria said...

Hi, mr-bo!

'cause of I don't speek (write) in english such fluently, than in interlingua; I must consult the dictionary in more cases, when I am writing in english. Nowadays I write in interlingua more fluently, than in english. And I have decided, that this blog must be exclusively in interlingua. I have another blog for the other languages (especially for my mother tongue, the Hungarian, but also for german, esperanto and maybe also for english inscriptions), but I don't have refreshed it after december 2004. Visit that blog (u can find the link in my profile)! When I've learned english better in the future, I will write in that blog of mine (or in an apart...?) in english, but now I decided to make a blog exclusively in interlingua.

By the way, I wonder, that u can't understand my blog, considered that interlingua contains many words written in the same way, as in english, and also many ones written in almost the same way (it's because of the english has these words as a heritage of the common vocabulary of Europa from the origin greco-latin). I don't know, what other languages do u know, but it's a wonder, that u don't understand (no one words of?) interlingua. Interlingua is understood by hundreds of millions of people in the world (who has the italian, french, spanish, portuguese, catalan and other romance languages) immediately, without previous studies. And U can learn it, too (it's very easy, when u already know english). Visit the website http://www.interlingua.com/infonational.htm

, and u can find informations in national languages (the english is the first... :) ).

Petro Ferrero de Hungaria said...

..and sorry for my bad english (if it was such...)